Review “Reader Interview”

Welcome to the first reader interview of my Blog!

This interview was conducted with Sigourney Oliver, an 18 year old female from London.


Do you consider yourself to be a regular reader?

Yes, I would say so (but when it comes to reading as much as I would like to I would have to say) No, nowhere near, I love reading fantasy and fiction and sci-fi type stuff. I try to (read) every night if I can, given that school stuff permits it, I like to read in my bed before I go to sleep!

How do you feel about kindles?

I prefer paperback (over using a kindle) but recently I have started reading through Kindle because I don’t need to buy the book and find a place to store them but It means I miss having an actual book to read.

Do you ever intentionally spoil the end of a book for yourself?

Oh god no, no definitely not. I like to go through the story and I don’t want to know what happens until it is happening! (The only way I spoil the end is if) I have watched the movie first, loved the movie and read the book because of it or something like that.

Do you find yourself getting distracted while reading?

Yes! I often imagine how I want the plot to have gone and I end up thinking about that for a while!

Where do you tend to buy your books from?

Waterstones, WHSmith, anywhere that sells books. Yeah, anywhere that has physical copies of the books because I need to be able to look inside the books first.

What determines if you will love a book?

If I can’t put it down, if I’m reading and it’s already 12 o’clock at night and I know I have to be up at seven in the morning but I just can’t put the book down, that’s when I know it’s a good book!

How do you feel about TV or Movie adaptations of books?

It depends because some of them can do it really well some of them can play off of the book – even though they can’t fit everything that was in the book into the movie they still play it off really well and they do the characters really well, others E.G. Percy Jackson, completely ruin the books so yeah it can vary.

 OK, so let’s talk statistics, how many books do you read monthly and what is the most money you have ever spent on a book?

Depending on the book size, about 3 a month and probably about £50 and that was only on two good books. Grimes Fairy tales stories and I can’t remember what the other one was.

What makes you decide to read a book?

Mainly it’s if it looks good, I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover but I do, constantly, and then I read the blurb or else it tend to be if I have heard about it through social media or through a friend.

Now, thinking back to childhood, how large a part did reading play?

I would say it played a fairly large part. My interest in reading was sparked in childhood when I was reading the house of night series. I got into it because there were so many books and I would read them all really quickly and I think that’s also where my love of Sci-fi type books comes from. Mind you, I loved reading Alice in Wonderland as a child. My mum would always read the books to me but my brother never really got into books and so it was a mum daughter bonding thing.

Tell me about the last book you read …

I read the Bane chronicles by Casandra Claire, it’s a spin off from a series I previously read. It’s a continuation of the book series I have been reading. I am really enjoying it. I finished it in 2 days! I really do recommend it, especially if you have read the mortal instruments series.

Tell me about the book you are currently reading …

I’m currently reading clockwork angel which is also by Cassandra Claire. It’s another spin off from the mortal instruments series. I am really enjoying this one too.

What is your least favourite book you have read?

I know this is going to sound bad because you are supposed to love the classics but at the moment its Dracula because I have been trying to read it and it’s just very hard to get through. It’s not a bad story line but it’s hard to read.

What makes a good character?

If they’re relatable. If you can see yourself being them. Possibly not all the time considering a lot of the time the characters I like are werewolves and vampires or whatever but yeah, if they’re personality matches or is similar to you or someone you know. My favourite character is Magnus Bane, he is from the Mortal instruments series! I love him because he is very eccentric. He acts in ways I wish I could and has confidence I wish I had. He says and does things I, in my head would want to say, but maybe wouldn’t feel comfortable to say.

What makes a good villain?

They have to be evil and have to be good at being evil. They have to be a good villain they have to have plans and they have to stick to them. They need a motive, they can’t just want to take over the world because it’s cool they have to have some emotional background. You want to be able to feel sorry for the villain. I want a villain to have so much depth that you get to the point that you are actually rooting for them.

Are there any books you have avoided?

Books that make me cry. As good as I am sure it was I never read a Fault in Our stars. I don’t like reading things to make me feel sad.

What is your reading guilty pleasure?

When I know I don’t have to get up in the morning and I can get to 4am and I don’t have to get up.

If you could make one statement about books and reading in general what would it be?

Books are generally good, it helps to improve English and general intellect. They’re a great way to escape. I would say don’t listen to people who say reading makes you a nerd because it’ll make you ten times more educated purely through reading books.

If you could recommend one book what would it be?

I would tell you to read the first book in the series of the mortal instruments. It has very good characters it will make you laugh cry and feel angry it is just so good and you will really enjoy reading it.

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