Short Story “Train Wrecked – 3/3”

“Anna?” Lilly called out as the train pulled off and the platform cleared slowly. “Paige, Katie wait!” Lilly ordered. “Where is Anna?” Lilly looked side to side, running up the stairs before running back down them again. Yet she caught no sight of Anna.

“What?” Asked Paige her expressionless face tilting as she tipped her head on its side.

“I don’t think Anna got off the train!” Lilly worriedly announced.

“She didn’t.” Katie replied dryly. She seemed somewhat un-panicked as she said the words. “I will call her.” Katie went on. She pulled her phone silently out of her pocket and raised it to her ear. “Yes, Hello Anna. Alright, no problem. See you tomorrow” Katie said, her voice maintaining its pitch. “She said to go on without her.” Katie said.

Katie and Paige turned slowly as they began to leave the platform. Lilly looked at the girls, confused and bewildered as they began to leave the station.

“Wait.” Paige said, stopping in her tracks. Lilly’s face eased as she thanked god that Paige was beginning to show a little compassion. “I just wanted to say my dear, I have had the most wonderful of days” The young woman unconvincingly assured.

“As have I.” Promised Katie and with that the pair linked arms and wandered off through the station.


7 am rolled around and Lilly’s angst about leaving Anna had only worsened. She had awoken that morning with a sense of dread filling her every bone. Usually, Lilly would have had such trouble awaking in the morning yet this morning was a different situation for she had barely slept. She tossed onto her side and grabbed her TV remote, switching on her TV and going straight to BBC. Lilly pulled herself out of bed and wandered tiredly through the hallway. Moments later a refreshed Lilly re-appeared ready to go about her morning routine. Lilly sat herself down in front of the mirror and pulled out her moisturiser. Slowly she began to massage it into her skin when out of the corner of her eye the news caught her attention. She turned her head, grabbed her remote and turned her TV up. Lilly’s eyes filled with tears as she heard the news.

“And this morning’s breaking news:  A London train had dismounted the rails in the late hours of last night. It is too early to determine the cause yet but officials are looking into queries of a teenage girl forcing her way into the driver’s carriage causing him to lose focus. There are 4 confirmed dead and over 100 injured.”

Part 1 – train wrecked

Part 2 – train wrecked

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