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I have to admit that I am a sucker for a good book, especially when that book has been written by one Jane Green. Until I read her book Spellbound I was convinced that reading and books just weren’t for me. I had tried everything from short stories to the twilight saga, from reading alone to being read to but nothing seemed to float my boat. I had just about given up when I found Spellbound. I had gone shopping (which wasn’t unusual) and I was just about ready to go home when I saw a charity shop. Usually I don’t tend to go into charity shops but on this day something drew me in. I had a look at the DVD’s and old children’s toys before heading for the door … and then I saw it. The beautiful golden cover of a book shimmering as the light bounced off of it. I picked up the book and had a read of the back of it before decided “What the heck!” and I bought it.

When I got home I had a little time before dinner and so decided to give it a go. I sat myself down on my sofa and opened to page 1. I LOVED IT! I was drawn into the world Jane Green had created, I felt as if I knew her characters personally and it felt as if I was living the story. It was magical and so when it came to dinner I didn’t want to put the book down. I am a slow reader … very slow … but I had this book read in a matter of days. I felt a strange sense of satisfaction when I turned over the last page and the story came to its end. However, that feeling didn’t last long because the following day I wanted more!

I headed back to the shops, wandered into Waterstones and picked myself up a copy of Jemima J. Jemima J is another book by Jane Green and after reading that I realised that I LOVE JANE GREEN. Since then I have read as many of her books as I could find – which my friends and family love because they all know what to buy me for birthdays and Christmas. From there I branched out. With the help of a lovely lady in Waterstones I found more books of the same nature (Such as Lucy Diamond’s ‘The Beach Café”) and I am finally able to say “I am a reader!”

I am so lucky that I found my ‘way in’ and for that I owe Jane Green many thanks! I admit I don’t get to read nearly as much as I want to but none the less I try and that is all that matters. Below I will list all the Jane Green Books I have read and loved and so if you are looking for a good read I strongly recommend checking them out.

Jane Green Books I Have Loved

  • Spellbound
  • Mr Maybe
  • Jemima J
  • Tempting Fate
  • The Beach House
  • Babyville
  • Second Chance
  • Straight Talking
  • Life Swap
  • The Accidental Husband


Jane Green Books I Am Yet To Read

  • The Patchwork Marriage
  • Saving Grace
  • Summer Secrets
  • The Other Woman
  • Another Piece of My Heart
  • The Love Verb
  • Bookends
  • The Holiday
  • Falling

Hey guys! The next blog post is out on Tuesday 25 October! On the run up to Halloween why don’t you check out the concluding part to my 3 part short story ‘Train Wrecked’ and if you haven’t read parts 1 or 2 yet you can check them out below …

Train Wrecked – PART 1/3

You too can get involved in this blog. Comment below or send me an email via – – and tell me how you wish to get involved. You could have your short story published onto the site or you can participate in a reader or writer interview. Or if you have a book you want to recommend for me to read or review or if there is a book you want to read and review let me know and get involved!

The inspi for this post came from …

Book Tag Fun On Friday I came across Nikki’s Book Tag that she created. I loved reading her responses and I loved this idea of a book tag. Here are the questions: What are you reading now? I just finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and now I’m starting on her sequel After You. What’s the next […] books, reading, Jane Green, book, book list, book tag, blog, blogging, Roald Dahl

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