Short Story “Train Wrecked – 2/3”

“Are you alright?” Lilly asked. Lilly was the fourth and final girl who had embarked on this day out and the only other girl who seemed to be acting ‘normal’. She too had commented on the poor weather, regretting going out without a coat and wondering if she could find a cheap, fur lined coat on Oxford Street in the middle of winter. Lilly was the only other girl who had freaked out when they had seen Brooklyn Beckham wandering about. 

“Wait, but I, erm …” Anna hesitated, wondering how she had managed to step out of the bathroom and straight onto the train platform. She wondered where the long and winding corridor had gone.

“Anna are you alright?” Lilly insisted, depths of worry and concern filling her voice.

“Yeah, why?” Anna replied, erasing the confusing situation from her mind.

“Because you were gone for half an hour Anna. We missed three trains going west.” Katie’s monotone voice complained. Her words seemed to drag out, each vowel seeming to be more elongated than the last. Katie’s eyes seemed to be open but not responsive. She did not blink nor did she exhibit any form of emotion. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and if that is the case then there was no soul left in Katie.

“Where were you?” Paige asked. She too seemed unresponsive. Her facial expression not giving away any form of emotional response. Anna opened her mouth to respond yet no words escaped it. She was breathless, confused and lost for she had no idea where she had been. She thought she had been in the bathroom but there was no way that she had been there for 30 minutes. Nor could Anna justify where the long winding hall, she was so sure she had walked through, had gone.

After a moment it because clear than Anna was not going to be giving a response any time soon, so with that Katie and Paige began to walk towards the train. The girls seemed to walk in unison, each pace the same stride as the other and every step landing upon the floor at the same time.  The train doors opened before them and the girls stepped aboard.

“Are you sure you are alright?” Lilly asked Anna as she hurried her onto the train. Anna nodded for she was unsure of how else she was supposed to respond. One, two, three stops went by and Anna was finally recollecting herself. Anna’s mind had seemed to find an explanation for everything. She was sure that following a long day the two orbs she had seen on the floor were either a figment of her imagination or simply the shadows of someone else who needed the toilet. As for the missing hallway Anna was sure that she had blacked out and that was the reason why she couldn’t remember walking back out through the hallway. She hadn’t eaten much that day anyway, perhaps the hunger had got to her.

“We are now approaching Fenchurch street.” Announced the voice over the speakers.

“You have no idea how much I want to go to bed at the moment!” Lilly laughed allow exhaling out of exhaustion and slumping back further into her chair. “Thank god we caught the last train to glory.” She continued.

“Yeah, me too. I need to be at rest” Anna agreed still in slight shock but trying to subdue her, obviously irrational, thoughts.

The train lights flickered on and off again and, in as short a time as it takes one to blink, Anna’s world suddenly collapsed once more. Anna had pulled out her phone moments before the lights had flickered. She had been checking her phone for the time for all she truly wished for was the chance to be home and in bed because she was ready for this day to be over.

“1%” Anna had scoffed as she watched her phone die before her eyes. That was when everything went wrong. Anna slid her phone back into her pocket and the lights of the train flickered off and back on again and by the time Anna looked back up at the train, it was empty. There was not a soul in site. There were no commuters nor where there any tourists, even her friends had vanished. Anna looked up to see empty carriage after empty carriage.

“What the?” Anna muttered. Slowly she rose out of her seat and began to stagger down the train. She wobbled from one side to the other, gripping onto anything which hung and then she saw it. Two perfect circles, their orb like resemblance mocking every step Anna took. Slowly the orbs began to move away. They hovered left to right, guiding her further down the train. Anna followed them, sure that this time she wouldn’t let them out of her sight for long enough for them to disappear again. Anna kept walking but no matter how far she walked the Orbs did not stop. They seemed determined to draw her from one end of the train and down to the other. Anna followed still. As she reached the front of the train the orbs seemed to disappear through the wall and into the driver’s carriage. There was something which compelled her to go inside, something forcing her to open the door and to go inside.

Anna’s hand shook as she gripped the door handle and pushed down with all her might. The headlights of the train seemed blindingly bright as Anna walked inside. Moments passed as Anna allowed herself time to adjust to the drastic change in lighting and once she had she truly didn’t believe her eyes. She shrieked. Her voice reaching a frighteningly high pitch and eyes filling with tears and her body collapsing into a heap on the floor. Anna’s eyes shook as if they had witnessed death itself. Anna cradled her head, praying to god that when she glanced back up the horror that was is no more. This was not the case. Anna’s head looked up once more and she saw the same thing. An empty driver’s seat and a bridge nearing. Anna backed away, stumbling back into the carriage and collapsing onto her back. Anna lay still, sobbing hysterically as she begged with a higher being to allow her to survive this nightmare. She desperately pulled her phone from her pocket desperate to make a call but then she remembered, her phone had died.



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Part 3 – train wrecked

Part 1 – train wrecked

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