Short Story “Train Wrecked – 1/3”

“Before I depart I must find a bathroom!” Anna insisted. “I promise this is my final request!” She assured as she noted the irritation in the air. The distant sound of rain patter hitting the train station roof seemed only to worsen her need for the toilet. All day had the weather been wet and dreary, the sky had been littered with patchy and dark clouds which had been dribbling inconsistently. The time was nearly nightfall and the world seemed to be fading into grayscale as the four girls embarked on their long journey home. Anna had been waiting for an opportunity to relieve herself since lunch time and so the sight of a bathroom was indeed a happy one.

“Hurry.” Ordered Paige. Her words seemed to be muttered from her reddened lips without them needing to move out of their perfectly formed pout. As Anna’s ears received the order she questioned whether she had upset Paige at some point during the day for her words had been said in such a dismissive tone, none the less Anna was desperate and had no time to be contemplating the strange behaviour of Paige. As Anna made her way down the long winding corridor labelled ‘toilet’ she realised that Paige had been acting strange all day. Anna’s mind travelled back to the period of time she had been stood shivering in Hyde Park, she thought about the way that Paige had stood on the vastly empty stretch of land as if it were the depths of summer. Anna recalled the way that Paige’s had exhibited no signs of being cold despite her petite frame shaking and her bare shoulders having disappeared under a layer of goose bumps. Anna thought about the way that Paige’s hair had blown into her face and Paige had continued talking as if nothing was happening.

Anna’s chain of thought was interrupted when she finally met the bathroom door. ‘How far have I walked?’ wondered Anna as she noted how long it felt the corridor had been. The door was heavy, opening with a squeak and closing with a bang. This dark room desperately seeking a natural light of which the outside world so harshly deprived it off. Anna however was so desperate for the toilet that this seemed not to matter nor worry her. She flung herself into the bathroom and swung the bathroom door shut behind her. Hitching her skirt up, Anna sat herself down onto the toilet. What a relief Anna felt upon finally relieving herself! She was finally at peace. She had never felt so thankful for something in her life. A loud sign exerted itself from her as the heavy pressure was released. However, just as soon as the discomfort had been relieved a new pain took its place.

The girls had been walking all day as Paige and Katie had refused the train’s service which had led to Anna feeling as if her feet were bleeding and throbbing. Upon further inspection Katie had also been acting rather oddly. She too had seemed unaffected from the cold, her body seeming to almost embrace the horrors of the British weather. This was not the only concerning behaviour exhibited by Katie. Katie’s words also seemed to have lost their emotion, her voice becoming far more monotone than ever before. It were as of Katie had become a shell which had lost its soul, in the same way as the weather had lost its sun. Anna suddenly realised that she had lost herself in her thoughts once more. Her mind returned to her physical body as she reminded herself of where she was.  Her throbbing feet had subdued slightly during the moments she had spent lost in her thoughts.

As Anna’s concentration returned to her, her eyes focused catching sight of a flickering shadow upon the floor. Her eyes slowly moved to look at the shadow more directly and when they did glance towards it she spied two connecting circles. They were perfectly round and hovering unstably beneath the toilet door in front of her. Anna leant down in an attempt to see who or what was providing such an odd shadow on the ground; yet she saw nothing. Anna looked away for but a moment while she reached for some toilet roll yet as soon as she looked back the shadows had disappeared. Anna shook her head and took a deep breath as she tried to collect her thoughts.

“I am insane.” Anna muttered to herself as she tried to pull herself together. However as Anna looked back down the two circles were there once more. Anna shook her body, one limb at a time in order to eliminate the possibility of the shadow being her own, but it wasn’t. As soon as she could Anna pulled herself off of the toilet, pulling open the door and attempting her escape. Anna was hasty with the washing and drying of her hands for she feared a loud noise would give the owner of the two orb like shadows a chance to strike, all Anna wanted was to get out and to go to a better place.

Anna threw open the door and stumbled straight onto the train platform, gasping for breath and her head spinning.

Part 2 – train wrecked

Part 3 – train wrecked

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