A Novelette “A Murder Mystery – Naomi’s Story”

Naomi's life was always messy but when one of her closest friends is murdered things go from odd to crazy. It's Naomi's time to go under scrutiny

TanyaTales Presents “a Guest Post”

Guest Posting is upon us all and I thought I would kick start the season by sharing some of my own guest posts with you.

Novelette “A Murder Mystery – Kimberly’s story”

What would you do if you found out one of your best friends had been murdered? Would you sit about and cry or would you commit a crime to hide some evidence? It's good girl geek Kimberly's turn to go under scrutiny by the mysterious texter.

Novelette- “A Murder Mystery: Paul’s Story”

When Paul's day is disrupted by the horrendous news of Nick's death he is in a rush to cover his tracks, but tracks of what we are left to ask?

Novelette – “A Murder Mystery: Dean’s Story”

When Dean wakes up with no recollection of the night before he thinks nothing of it, until his best friend is found murdered. It is only then that Dean begins to wonder “what happened last night?” Will Dean remember what had happened before he has to face his actions head on.

Tanya Tales Presents “Guest Bloggers Wanted!”

I'm looking for Guest Bloggers. Check out what this means and how to get involved. I hope to hear from you soon!

Novelette “The Portrait – Part 3”

It is a race against time as Lucinda and Luke see a familiar face who warns them that they must act quickly. Strong themes contained throughout